The Lego Batman Movie Review

Funny, Smart and incredibly charismatic, The Lego Batman movie has enough to entertain the kids and the parents…but not everything is awesome.

A spinoff of The Lego Movie from 2014, which I absolutely adored, The Lego Batman Movie is about Batman. He is an ego-centric, narcissistic loner who works alone, but to face unimaginable odds, he has to overcome those faults and learn to work with a team.


Overall, I loved this movie. The fast paced humour is carried over from The Lego Movie, and isn’t afraid to make fun of the Batman mythos, or even DC’s most recent live action attempts. It boasts a stellar cast with Will Arnett who is amazing as Batman, Michael Cera is obviously perfect as Robin, Zach Galifianakis has a very unique and awesome spin on the Joker and Rosario Dawson was great as Batgirl.¬†The only thing I can say about the animation is it’s perfect. Like The Lego Movie, it really makes LEGO figures look as though they have come to life, and the animation is breathtaking. It’s got a very clear colour palette with very dark blacks and bright oranges that looks great. There aren’t as many building sequences in this film as there were in The Lego Movie, which made it feel more like a Batman comedy film that just happened to be LEGO, but I’m not complaining.


The story is also very good, with your standard lesson that comes with a kids film about being a good person and all that. My only gripe with the movie overall was that it kind of takes a sharp turn halfway through. The first half is amazing, heading towards being one of my favourite superhero or animated movies of all time, but only if it had kept that pacing. About halfway through, the movie focuses less on the jokes and more on the story, which isn’t the problem, the problem is that it really kind of beats you over the head with this whole “family” lesson. Not that I didn’t think it worked, it totally did, but it just kind of slowed the movie down for me personally.


Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. The humour, characters, story and animation are all really awesome and fun to watch and I can’t wait to see it again. It’s just that it’s sudden switch to a slower film in the second half that kind of threw me a bit. I’m excited to see what the future LEGO movies bring to the table.




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