Logan Review

Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine is a fitting send off for one of the greatest superhero portrayals of all time, and now that it’s rated R, you can finally see what he is capable of.

Now that FOX’s Deadpool was rated R and made so much money, they finally allowed Wolverine to get the same treatment. And after seven or so films playing a PG-ified Wolverine, Hugh Jackman finally gets to cut loose the way the character was intended. With an absolutely great supporting cast and fantastic performances, Logan could be the best X-Men film to date.


Logan is set in the distant future where almost all mutants are extinct, with the exception of our protagonist and a couple more. This portrayal of Wolverine is much more worn down, and old, and he isn’t healing like he used to, creating much more stakes in this film then in the previous ones. Hugh Jackman is absolutely incredible in this film, and it’s kind of hard to see anyone else in the role. That’s literally all I can say, he’s perfect. Patrick Stewart reprises his role as an old, sick Professor Xavier, and I really enjoyed what they did with his character in this film. A new player in this film is Dafne Keen who plays X-23. And she is flippin’ amazing in the movie. Another new player is who I would describe as the ‘main’ antagonist in the film, played by Boyd Holbrook, and I thought he was a really good villain. He’s find of just an asshole to everyone, which I really enjoyed.


James Mangold, the director, also directed ‘The Wolverine’ which I thought was a good movie, but his work on this film shows the extent of his directorial talent. One thing to keep in mind is that this is R rated. Basically meaning lots of F bombs, blood, dismemberment (and even nudity at one point). The action in this movie can only be described one way. Really. Really. Flippin’. Awesome. Wolverine and X-23 are just straight up murdering people left and right, but it isn’t gratuitous in the way that some action movies get. I really loved the action in this movie.


There is also a lot of emotion in this movie. There’s a constant feeling of disparity and hopelessness that is only further enforced by the fact that Wolverine feels completely vulnerable the whole time. There are also some really emotional send offs for fan favourite characters, one of which worked for me and one of which didn’t. But I won’t spoil those here. Just know that the emotion in this movie is also really great. (A few man tears were shed)


The problems I had with this movie were mainly regarding one of the villains, I really couldn’t buy them as a character and they seemed so fantastical compared to everything else in the movie which was so grounded. And also the lack of X-Men is explained in a quick throwaway bit of dialogue that you could easily miss, which hardly seems fair for such fan favourite characters. Another part I thought was unnecessary was I felt some of the stuff in this movie was for the sake of an R rating, like the nudity, and Logan using the F word in almost every sentence which kind of didn’t seem very in his character but I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. 


In the end, I did love this movie, and I feel it’s a perfect sendoff for Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. The R rated action and emotional story built a great finale for a great character.



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